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5 Test Anxiety Strategies for Elementary Students
Your child has a test coming up and they feel sick. They may have a stomach ache, a headache, rapid[...]
5 tips for test anxiety that can boost your grades
Are you feeling anxious about an upcoming test? Are you looking for tips for test anxiety? Here are five tips[...]
Anxiety App: MoodKit
The fact is, thoughts and activities change your mood. When you change your thoughts and activities, your mood changes. MoodKit[...]
Anxiety chat: Best free places to chat online
What are some of the best free anxiety chat rooms? We'll show you the ones to visit and the ones[...]
Anxiety disorder statistics
The most accurate anxiety disorder statisticsThe World Health Organization (WHO), Harvard University, University of Michigan, and country-based researchers worldwide are in the process[...]
Anxiety service dog: How to find a reputable trainer
Are you looking for an anxiety service dog? And a reputable trainer? This article will show you how to find he[...]
Best Anxiety Treatment Centers
These are reputable anxiety treatment centers in the US. They're run by internationally renowned doctors and researchers in the field[...]
Best Books for Anxiety
What are the best books for anxiety?There are many good books which can help you manage stress and anxiety and[...]
Best Social Anxiety Test
If you're looking for the best (and most used) social anxiety test, you're in the right place. The best tests are[...]
Books for children with anxiety or depression – part 2
Dr. Susan Corapi, a specialist in children's literature, recently asked me to comment on several books for children with anxiety and depression.[...]
Books for children with anxiety or depression – Part 1
Dr. Susan Corapi, a specialist in children's literature, recently asked me to comment on several books for children with anxiety and depression.[...]
Confidence exercises: Get your daily kick!
To boost your confidence, try the Kick app. After downloading the app, you'll see a "Kick of the Day." A[...]
Curing teen social anxiety: The Mayo Clinic treatment
The Wall Street Journal published a great article about Georgiann, a teenager who overcame her social anxiety at the Mayo Clinic[...]
Gut health and anxiety: From “aha” to “that’s a scam”…I’ll share everything as I dig for answers (part 1)
Here's my storyA year ago I developed arthritis in my thumbs. I was devastated to lose my ability to open[...]
How Scott Stossel Survived Anxiety
If you have public speaking anxiety or other phobias you'll be interested how Scott Stossel survived. He is the Editor of The[...]
How To Manage Anxiety Attacks
How do you manage anxiety attacks? These steps were developed by Dr. Manuel Zane in his Six Points of Contextual Therapy For Phobia.[...]
Learn mindfulness techniques for anxiety
As a manager and executive in high-pressure jobs, I've had to learn to cultivate calm and well-being. And by "cultivate"[...]
Online Anxiety Help – From the Comfort of Your Home
If you’re looking for online anxiety help, these are some of the best options. You can talk using text, chat, email,[...]
Panic Attack Symptoms
This panic attack symptoms checklist was developed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). See the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental[...]
Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
Treatment for panic disorder and agoraphobiaOur experience has shown that many people with panic disorder and agoraphobia experience a great[...]
Recognition in the workplace: Does everyone want a big to do?
There's a common myth floating around that everyone wants public recognition. Throughout my work in a variety of organizations, that[...]
Relationships and anxiety disorders: communication tips
You've probably noticed that not only does your anxiety interfere with your life, but it affects everyone around you:You get[...]
Selective Mutism
The essential feature of selective mutism is the persistent failure to speak in specific social situations where speaking is expected,[...]
Separation anxiety in dogs: 7 tips
Separation anxiety in dogs can be exasperating! You just don't know what to do.Is it hard for your dog to[...]
Social anxiety medication & public speaking anxiety medication
​This is not medical advice - talk to a psychiatristI am not a psychiatrist or a medical doctor. This is[...]
Social anxiety treatment: Six exercises to increase your tolerance of scrutiny
RedditQuestionI can play music in front of around 1800 people and have no problem at all. But talk in front[...]
Test Anxiety Strategies for College Students
Freedom in college feels good right? Well, not when you have finals coming up! Here are some test anxiety strategies[...]
Therapist vs Psychologist vs Psychiatrist: Anxiety Help [Part 2]
If you missed Part 1 of this article, go to: Anxiety Help - Part 1What's the difference between a therapist vs[...]
Types of Panic Attacks and How to Treat Them
There are two types of panic attacks: (1) unexpected panic attacks, and (2) expected panic attacks. These are the differences[...]

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