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How to practice public speaking at home

Here are 6 ways to practice public speaking at home:

1. SpeakMeister

SpeakMeister is an online educational program that teaches you how to overcome public speaking anxiety. Join a SpeakMeister public speaking practice club to learn anxiety management techniques. Practice several times a month with others who share your fear. Meet using Zoom (video meeting).

2. Toastmasters

Join a Toastmasters Club that specifically meets online. Search for “virtual Toastmasters clubs.” The virtual clubs operate like the face-to-face clubs, but they meet by video meeting.

3. Virtual Reality

Practice on your own using virtual reality. Download an app such as Virtual Speech (there are several apps to choose from in the app store). Buy a virtual reality headset (Google cardboard is under $10). And start practicing! See more details in this article "VR training: Using virtual reality to overcome anxiety."

4. Reddit

Subscribe to the public speaking sub-reddit. Find people in forums who have expressed an interest in practicing in an online group. Private message people who might be interested and start a practice club.

5. Selfie Videos on SpeakMeister

Record yourself practicing. Post your video on for help and coaching. SpeakMeister is a community site designed for individuals who want to overcome public speaking anxiety. It’s a video platform similar to Facebook and YouTube, but with more privacy. Invite a coach or specific people to watch your video and give feedback. See some examples of people practicing and 20 public speaking topics and exercises you can do.

6. Selfie Videos on YouTube

Post a selfie video on YouTube. Make the video public, private or unlisted to control who can view it. Send the link to friends for comments. Here are some examples of people practicing.

Here's a cheat sheet for quick reference: