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Go from “socially awkward” to “life of the party”


Just a curious question. Is there a name or pursuit of the type of person who is incredibly socially awkward/stunted, yet the moment they step in front of a crowd, they become super-awesome host person? Just reminds me of someone I once knew, always puzzled me.

Yea, that's really interesting and puzzled me for a long time too!

My parent's went to college with a guy who was shy and awkward one-on-one and in small groups. But he flourished in front of big audiences. I saw him in both types of situations many times, and couldn't figure out how he could be awkward in one situation but a rock star in the other situation. I don't know of a name for this!

When I think of types of performance anxieties, I see them on a spectrum:
(1) formal situation <----> informal situation
(2) small group <-----> large group/audience

I think it's very interesting that:
▪︎ Some people are afraid of informal, small group situations
▪︎ Some more afraid of large group, informal
▪︎ Some formal, small group
 ▪︎Some formal, large group.
People vary on where they fall on these spectrums.

The key is where they feel the most potential for negative judgement.

Dr. Cheryl Mathews Anxiety Coach