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Anxiety App: MoodKit

The fact is, thoughts and activities change your mood. When you change your thoughts and activities, your mood changes. MoodKit is a self-help app that helps you evaluate and modify your thoughts and activities and improve your mood. 

I gave this app five-stars because it is based on solid cognitive-behavioral techniques, and can tailor recommendations to your needs.

The app includes:

• Over 200 mood improvement activities.
• Tailor recommended activities to your needs.
• Email, text, & Facebook sharing of activities.
• iOS calendar integration.
• Guidance to modify distressing thoughts.
• Unlimited/multiple mood ratings & notes per day.
• Exportable Mood Charts with 7 & 30-day views.
• Saves exportable notes to a central Journal.
• Over a dozen custom journal templates.
• Add your own activities & journal templates.
• Link custom reminders to your favorite tools.
• Security PIN, Touch ID, & AirPrint enabled.
• View mood notes right from the chart.

anxiety app moodkit2
anxiety app moodkit2

When we are anxious and depressed, it's hard to know what's causing it exactly until we take the time to analyze our thoughts and activities. By tracking your mood, you can actually see which activities and thoughts are helpful and which ones are getting in your way. 

​The app helps you think about ways you can increase your sense of accomplishment, enhance your relationships and social networks, experience more pleasure and fun, explore new ways to become more active, and improve your diet, sleep and general self-care.

The app suggests activities you can do to change your mood. It also helps you identify thoughts that may be getting in the way of your well-being, and helps you understand which thoughts cause the negative emotions.

It's only available on IOS (not Android).

Have you tried it? Tell us what you think below.