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Social anxiety symptom: laughing


Any time I've had to public speak ( i.e. a 5th grade play, a public speaking class in college, etc.) I end up laughing. I know what needs to be said & I go to say it but all I can do is laugh even though it's obviously not funny. Why?

Hi, It sounds like you're laughing because you're nervous. Laughing can be a nervous symptom - people react to nervous situations in different ways.

The way to re-train your brain and nervous system is to practice applying fear management techniques in a group. I posted a list of practice groups at the bottom of this page: Those are good places to learn the fear management techniques and to apply the techniques in a safe environment. You can also check out the blog on the Best Anxiety Treatment Centers and Anxiety Treatment: Virtual Counselors.

Dr. Cheryl Mathews Anxiety Coach