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Best Books for Anxiety

What are the best books for anxiety?

There are many good books which can help you manage stress and anxiety and overcome phobias. More are being written all the time because anxiety is recognized as one of the most widespread, most crippling and most treatable of all health issues.

Today many of our brightest researchers and clinicians are working on finding solutions to cure anxiety disorders and help people manage stress and anxiety. Our knowledge about anxiety and phobias, long too primitive to be of much help to the sufferers, is now increasing so fast that we can continue to expect dramatic breakthroughs in the understanding, treatment and prevention of anxiety disorders. We know a lot more today about the brain and how anxiety works, the relationship between phobias and depression, and about childhood anxieties including school phobias.

At we keep up to date with the latest developments and incorporate them in our blogs. We will continue to update this blog as new recommended books are published.

Best Books for Anxiety - Written by Top Experts

So back to books! These books are written by the top research experts in their fields, and are highly recommended.

Best Books for Anxiety - Other Good Books
Best Books for Anxiety - Older Books

These are older books. However, the content is very good, and the core messages are timeless.

Claire Weekes, M.D. has written several excellent books which have helped millions of people. All are good, but most people find the first two more useful. The third is an audio CD with recordings of her long-running radio series on anxiety.

Manuel Zane, M.D., the founder of Contextual Therapy and the Six Points, and Harry Milt wrote a book which we recommend for understanding phobias.

There are many more good books - search for "anxiety" at your favorite bookstore or library.