Monday, February 26, 2024
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Key personality traits for social success


What are some key personality traits you would recommend most people to try and develop for social success? Also, how did you personally obtain those skills? Thanks for your time!

Wow, that's a really important question!

I think maintaining a sense of humor and not taking things too seriously. Easier said than done. I have to take time to "center myself" and put things into perspective. Things can seem so important right now, but how important are they really? How important will they be a few days from now, weeks from now or years from now. The ability to step back and put things into perspective is really important.

And developing a habit of smiling.

Also, developing good listening skills and the ability to communicate how you're feeling in a calm, objective way. I personally learned listening and communication skills in my Psychology program. Those skills have been invaluable, and I wish everyone could have the benefit of that training. It's been so helpful in relationships and my career.

The skill of putting things into perspective is more of a mind-set. Reading up on mindfulness and meditation has helped me to work on cultivating more of an open and non-uptight attitude.

I'll keep thinking about this and will add more if anything comes up. Excellent question thanks!

Dr. Cheryl Mathews Anxiety Coach