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9 social anxiety risk factors: This is what keeps your social anxiety alive

→ Previous: Causes→ Next: SymptomsThere are 9 factors that maintain and exacerbate your social anxiety despite repeated exposure to social situations. The key factors...

Medication for social anxiety: Medication vs. CBT

→ Previous: Social anxiety treatment options→ This is the last article in the seriesHere's how I think about medications vs. cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).Maybe in...

Social anxiety treatment: Options

→ Previous: How can I desensitize?→ Next: Medications vs. CBTAnxiety management techniques vs. a treatment programIf you have social anxiety, you've probably heard people...

Treatment for social anxiety: Desensitization and Habituation

→ Previous: How can I reduce my fear?→ Next: Treatment optionsWhen you have social anxiety, the primitive fear center in your brain (the amygdala)...

Social anxiety disorder treatment: Practice new self-talk

→ Previous: Severe vs. normal symptoms→ Next: How can I desensitize?Overcoming social anxiety boils down to three things. 1. You gotta really want it! You...

Severe social anxiety symptoms vs. normal symptoms: Can I get rid of anxiety completely?

→ Previous: Why is my body doing this?→ Next: How can I reduce my fear?Think of social anxiety on a continuum of 0 to...

Symptoms of social anxiety: Why is my body doing this?

→ Previous: Symptoms list→ Next: Severe vs. normal symptoms​Question"Why is it when I'm in a new situation my body reacts by getting shaky and...

Social anxiety symptoms

→ Previous: 9 factors→ Next: Why is my body doing this?Every individual is unique and may have different symptoms (or combinations of symptoms). Here...

What causes social anxiety?

→ Previous: Overview→ Next: 9 FactorsSocial anxiety is typically caused by a combination of predisposing factors + a life stressor.Some of the pre-disposing factors...

How to overcome social anxiety

This is a multi-part series explaining how to overcome social anxiety.→ This is the first article in the series→ Next: What causes social anxiety?At...

Curing teen social anxiety: The Mayo Clinic treatment

The Wall Street Journal published a great article about Georgiann, a teenager who overcame her social anxiety at the Mayo Clinic using exposure therapy. Exposure therapy,...

Social anxiety? Don’t sing happy birthday to me!

I can do standup but hate it when people sing happy birthday to me.

Social anxiety statistics

60-70% of the US population has low public speaking fear and 30-40% has medium-to-high fear.

Social anxiety treatment: Six exercises to increase your tolerance of scrutiny

Prove to your brain every day that little mistakes and imperfections don’t matter.

Social anxiety symptom: laughing

Learn the fear management techniques and to apply the techniques in a safe environment.

Does improvement in public speaking cure social anxiety?

I have seen huge improvements with people when they practice public speaking, they become much more confident in a whole variety of social situations.

Best Social Anxiety Test

Take a social anxiety test. Find out whether you have social anxiety and the severity level.

What is Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is a condition where you become very anxious when under scrutiny by others while performing a social task.

Benefits of group therapy: Social anxiety and fear of public speaking

Why group therapy is so important for overcoming public speaking fear or social anxiety.

Social Anxiety Help Online – Offer: Unlimited Texting

Social Anxiety Coach Unlimited Texting, Chat, Email or Phone $14.95/monthHi, I'm Dr. Cheryl Mathews and I've studied anxiety for 30-years. I personally get how social anxiety messes with your...

Social anxiety medication & public speaking anxiety medication

What is the best public speaking and social anxiety medication? For public speaking, a combination of a benzo and beta blocker (e.g. Alprazolam and Propanolol).

Anxiety chat: Best free places to chat online

This article was updated and revamped May 30, 2022.It was originally created September 28, 2017. What are some of the best free anxiety chat rooms?...

Is anxiety situational?

Why do some people fear one-on-one conversations but are perfectly comfortable speaking to large audiences? And why is it the complete opposite for other people?

How to manage your anxiety during the Coronavirus crisis

Need help?Know someone who does?Contact the Disaster Distress HelplineCall 1-800-985-5990Contact the National Domestic Violence HotlineCall 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224Millions of people around the world are...

Anxiety disorder statistics

The most accurate anxiety disorder statisticsThe World Health Organization (WHO), Harvard University, University of Michigan, and country-based researchers worldwide are in the process of collecting anxiety disorder...

VR training: Using virtual reality to overcome anxiety

This article was updated December 17, 2022. The Virtual Speech app developer confirmed that the app is still free. There are 7 VR rooms...

Books for children with anxiety or depression – Part 1

Dr. Susan Corapi, a specialist in children's literature, recently asked me to comment on several books for children with anxiety and depression. She wanted a Psychologist's...

Best Books for Anxiety

What are the best books for anxiety?There are many good books which can help you manage stress and anxiety and overcome phobias. More are...

Public speaking anxiety test

Take this public speaking anxiety test to see if you have a public speaking phobia.

Relationships and anxiety disorders: communication tips

Not only does your phobia interfere with your life but it affects everyone around you.

Anxiety symptoms explained: Recommended books and resources

See anxiety symptoms explained in this course and books.RedditQuestionDo you have a really good readings on anxiety symptoms? I live in EU so it...

Therapist vs Psychologist vs Psychiatrist: Anxiety Help [Part 2]

What's the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist? Which professional should I use?

Anxiety App: MoodKit

An app that helps you improve your mood.

Best Anxiety Treatment Centers

These are reputable anxiety treatment centers in the US. They're run by internationally renowned doctors and researchers in the field of anxiety. Many of...

What is the fear of public speaking?

The fear of public speaking is a type of social anxiety.

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Reader and Staff PicksMost popular picks from our readers and staffCurated by Dr. Cheryl Mathews, Psy.D.We never recommend anything that we have not used...


Recognition in the workplace: Does everyone want a big to do?

There's a common myth floating around that everyone wants public recognition. Throughout my work in a variety of organizations, that myth seems widespread among...

Confidence exercises: Get your daily kick!

To boost your confidence, try the Kick app. After downloading the app, you'll see a "Kick of the Day." A kick is a simple...

Panic Attack Symptoms

This panic attack symptoms checklist was developed by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). See the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) for more...

List of positive affirmations

Create your own list of positive affirmations by selecting from the affirmations below. Pick around 30 of your favorite affirmations and read them out loud once...

Types of Panic Attacks and How to Treat Them

There are two types of panic attacks: (1) unexpected panic attacks, and (2) expected panic attacks. These are the differences between the two types...

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